Our Principles

Values, ethics, and beliefs shape our core philosophy, the basis of our school.

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Our Passion

Love for children and early education fuels our commitment, the dedication to our mission.

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Our Preschool

Research, data, and experience inform our practices, the culture of our education.

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Our school is a supportive community that
everyone respects.

Our School

Founded in 2007, we are an independent nonprofit preschool for gifted children. Through a 1:4 teacher-child ratio and student-centered curriculum, our caring, qualified teachers differentiate their instruction to address the learning styles and needs of our 24 highly capable students. We maintain a safe, loving environment, focus on social-emotional development, and utilize in-depth project-based learning, both independent and collaborative, to cultivate outstanding academic and creative achievement. Our half day preschool happens 9:30 AM-1 PM, Monday-Thursday, and our Junior Kindergarten covers the same hours on Friday. Our campus is in downtown Bellevue, two blocks west of Lincoln Square, Bellevue Collection, and Downtown Park.


Admissions Process

Applications for our 2018-2019 school year is closed.

We will begin Parent Tours and Open Houses in November 2018 for our 2019-2020 school year.

Investigate our website to learn more about Bellevue Discovery and our admissions process. Check out the following pages: Educational Philosophy, Parent Education, and Admissions.
Addmission Process
Register for an Open House or Parent Visit. Explore Bellevue Discovery and spend time with our Head of School, Early Childhood Director, and Educational Consultant.
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Before submitting an online application, come to know our important dates, considerations, and fees.
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