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The Preschool at Bellevue Discovery
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Parent Education
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Our Non-Profit Organization
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10 Years of Bellevue Discovery!

Thank you to our teachers, Trustees, friends, and more than 100 preschool
families for showing your love for Bellevue Discovery Preschool.
Together we have raised more than $260,000 in donations and built an early
learning center that supports highly capable young children.
Here’s to a preschool filled with joy!
Founded in 2007 ~ Thriving in 2016


We are committed at Bellevue Discovery to creating a world of loving friendships,
creative problem solving and the joy of discovery for our preschoolers.

We want our children to thrive, and we believe at Bellevue Discovery that this takes a loving environment, a commitment to supporting individual learning styles, and a curriculum focused on in-depth project learning. The vast majority of our children move on to gifted programs – but we want more for our children than academics.

At Bellevue Discovery we teach our children to innovate: to be divergent thinkers, to work as part of a creative team, to solve problems, and to explore relationships between different realms of learning. As Tony Wagner writes in Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, we can either teach our children to be innovators or to be conformers.

We are not raising conformers at Bellevue Discovery.

If your family is seeking a preschool that celebrates original thinking, nurtures relationships, and encourages children to explore the complexity of our world, we hope you will visit Bellevue Discovery.

- Ren Cedar Fuller, Bellevue Discovery Preschool Founder


2016-2017 Staff

An Announcement from our Board of Trustees

This is our tenth year of Bellevue Discovery Preschool!
Over the past several years we have held Dream Big parent and staff discussions around how to meet the needs of our community.

Our goal is to sustain and expand our preschool program while keeping the magic at Bellevue Discovery Preschool, including our commitment to highly capable children, our amazing teachers, our creative curriculum, our 1:4 teacher-child ratio, and our strong sense of community.

We have decided to hire a new Head of School to lead Bellevue Discovery Preschool and help us move toward our vision. Our founder, Ren Cedar Fuller, will remain in the role she loves: working directly with our preschool parents. Ren’s new title will be Educational Consultant and she will continue to be our curriculum designer, educational consultant, and parent educator.

Under the leadership of our new Head of School, our children will have the same amazing teachers and our parents will have the same education team (Early Childhood Director Tracy Kelly, Administrative Manager and Admissions Chair Michelle Wylie, and Educational Consultant Ren Cedar Fuller).

We expect to have our new Head of School join our staff in January of this year. Our staff, Trustees, and selection committee are working with a search consultant to design a smooth and joyful transition that reflects our values at Bellevue Discovery.

Here’s to another 10 years of growth and magic at Bellevue Discovery Preschool!

~ Jill Jackson, Board President

“Every day I walk away from school knowing that my daughter is in great hands … better than even mine!
That is something I doubt many parents feel and I cannot stress enough the happiness it brings me. It makes me want to be a better mom.
To be as open and accepting, to encourage and not stifle while being firm when required … what a TALL order!!! And you all
manage to do it with humor and panache! I fall way short.  
So I take my hat off and take a bow to the
best set of teachers I know and love. Thank you!”


What makes Bellevue Discovery unique?

Our 1:4 Teacher Child Ratio

Each of our homerooms has twelve children with three highly qualified teachers. All of our teachers have experience and training in early childhood and gifted education and have attained at least a Bachelor’s degree.

“The 1:4 teacher child ratio is absolutely unparalleled. And that, coupled with the true caring and personal involvement of the teachers with each child on an individual level, provides a feeling of safety and comfort for the shyest of the kids. This comfort in turn translates to the children’s openness to participate, which helps them develop the feeling of belonging and facilitates learning on a completely different level.” – 2012-2013 Family Learn More

Nurturing Creativity
Our top curriculum goal is to foster creativity. We build a learning environment that fosters inquiry, tenacity in working toward a goal, and the excitement of discovery.

“We feel that our daughter’s creativity and expression has just soared this year because she has space and encouragement (without pressure) to go deep in so many new ways. All the special art at Bellevue Discovery has added so much to her life and ours.” -2012-2013 Family  Learn More

Early Childhood Gifted Education
Best practices include focusing on the whole child, supporting asynchronous development, and understanding that many highly capable children have different way of thinking. Having a highly capable child is not always easy, because most schools are not prepared for or do not want to deal with the challenges that are the flip side of a bright, inquisitive mind. We truly feel that your school is like an oasis in the desert.  You support our children’s growth and you support us as parents dealing with the unique issues surrounding parenting gifted children. Our son is eager to go to school, and asks every morning if it is a “Bellevue Discovery Day.” Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – From a 2007-2008 Family  Learn More
Our Caring Community
Our parents, teachers, and Trustees work together to support our children, sharing the joys and challenges of raising and educating highly capable children.

“We sent our two daughters to Bellevue Discovery and we firmly believe in Bellevue Discovery as community of entrusted advisors and friends. We feel so blessed having Bellevue Discovery as part of our family’s life that we want to make sure other kids in our community have a chance to share the experience as well.” -2012-2013 Family  Learn More

Our Preschool Graduates
Around 80 percent of our children qualify for gifted programs. One-third of our preschoolers have moved on to Open Window and more than 20% have moved on to Seattle Country Day.

“We were ecstatic about our child being accepted into SCDS and we firmly believe Bellevue Discovery enabled both our children to be able to attend SCDS. We want to help Bellevue Discovery continue to grow in helping other fortunate families as well.” – 2012-2013 Family
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Parent Testimonials
Our parents and professional colleagues have wonderful things to say about Bellevue Discovery!

“What an amazing program you create at Bellevue Discovery!  The kids have great hands-on experiences and we love all the projects that our child did the past 2 years.  He has grown so much, learned so much, and become a much more confident person.  Thank you for everything!”
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Our 2016-2017
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“We are absolutely thrilled with the supportive, nurturing, challenging and encouraging environment that Bellevue Discovery provides.
All of the teachers are warm, caring, patient, creative and energetic. They have helped our children build self-confidence with their peers,
encouraged them to take intellectual and social risks and to think creatively, and celebrated their every milestone.
The Preschool Director was extraordinarily helpful when we were choosing a kindergarten for our oldest.”

~ Bellevue Discovery parent ~