About Bellevue Discovery

Bellevue Discovery is an independent nonprofit preschool
dedicated to supporting gifted children, their families, and our community.

We have a beautiful 4 acre campus, right on NE 8th Street in downtown Bellevue. We are just a couple of blocks west of Bellevue Square, at 9625 NE 8th Street, and can be reached by the 271 bus (directions).

Challenging and nurturing children who are bright, curious and original thinkers: The Preschool at Bellevue Discovery has a 1:4 teacher-child ratio, allowing us to provide an enriched, in-depth and individualized curriculum. Our program follows best practices in progressive early childhood gifted education. We believe all young children deserve to have a joy-filled preschool experience that supports their innate desire to learn.


Our School

Founded in 2007, we are an independent nonprofit preschool for gifted children. Through a 1:4 teacher-child ratio and student-centered curriculum, our caring, qualified teachers differentiate their instruction to address the learning styles and needs of our 24 highly capable students. We maintain a safe, loving environment, focus on social-emotional development, and utilize in-depth project-based learning, both independent and collaborative, to cultivate outstanding academic and creative achievement. Our half day preschool happens 9:30 AM-1 PM, Monday-Thursday, and our Junior Kindergarten covers the same hours on Friday. Our campus is in downtown Bellevue, two blocks west of Lincoln Square, Bellevue Collection, and Downtown Park.

Why We Are Here

Thirteen years ago, Ren Cedar Fuller recognized a scarcity of early childhood gifted education in the Seattle area while exploring schools for her son. Drawing on her experience as a preschool, elementary, and middle school teacher, she envisioned an early learning center that would support young highly capable children and their families. She pursued a Master’s degree in gifted education, partnered with experts in the field, conducted countless hours of research, and continued to develop her ideas for a gifted school. Her graduate advisor, who listened to her preschool plans, finally told her to stop talking and “just do it.” Ren founded Bellevue Discovery Preschool in 2007. Four years later, the preschool became a non-profit organization to expand its vision and capacity. Today, Bellevue Discovery continues to serve the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs of highly capable children. Ren is an educational consultant, curriculum designer, and parent educator in the community, and her son, who was the inspiration for Bellevue Discovery, is a high school senior.

Why Bellevue Discovery?

First and foremost, you require a safe, loving environment for your child. You are looking for teachers who build lasting relationships with children, those with compassion, experience, and integrity.

Your child is curious, enthusiastic, and highly capable. Without inquiry and complexity, school becomes easy and boring. You seek a curriculum that challenges your child to discover, succeed, and flourish because you believe meaningful achievement requires engagement. Gifted children benefit from peer-to-peer interaction and collaborative learning.
You want your preschool to meet all your child’s needs: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Intellect is only one of the key child-development factors. Based on research and data, best practices focus on the whole child.

You recognize the value of play, both free and scaffolded, in your child’s learning. Overscheduling teacher-centered instruction takes the joy out of education. Play offers numerous benefits, including cooperative learning, creative imagination, and enthusiasm for school.

You would like your child to construct a personal understanding of the world. Conformity to one-size-fits-all standards discourages independence and originality. Project-based learning allows students to direct their erudition; individual needs and interests customize the experiences.

You will depend on your preschool to well prepare your child for kindergarten. Readiness for local independent and public schools is very important to you. A program must have in-depth knowledge of kindergarten admissions requirements and thoughtfully plan to meet and exceed them.


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