Our Educational Philosophy

Our principles
Our passion
Our program

Our principles

Values, ethics, and beliefs shape our core philosophy, the basis of our school. Click here to learn more.

  • Children have an innate desire for exploration and discovery
  • Children learn through play that stimulates creativity and inquiry
  • Children construct their individual understandings of the world
  • Children thrive in safe, loving environments, both physical and emotional
  • Children express themselves through everything they do
  • Children deserve a nurturing, joy-filled education

Our passion

Love for children and early education fuels our commitment, the dedication to our mission. Click here to learn more.

  • We are independent and nonprofit to uphold a singular priority: children
  • We educate gifted children through innovative, unconventional, and progressive design
  • We love children and celebrate our families’ and teachers’ cultural diversity
  • We employ caring, qualified teachers who differentiate their instruction to meet children’s needs
  • We focus on the whole child: cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development
  • We nurture divergent thinking
  • We prepare children for kindergarten and beyond
  • We serve the community through research and parent education

Our program

Research, data, and experience inform our practices, the culture of our education.

  • We utilize in-depth project-based learning, both independent and collaborative
  • We incorporate free play, scaffolded play, and inquiry to engage children’s imaginations
  • We maintain a 1:4 teacher-child ratio to build lasting relationships and offer differentiated instruction
  • We integrate features of the Reggio Emilia approach for student-centered learning, expression, and enrichment
  • We impart and assess skills for kindergarten readiness
  • We provide a broad introduction to the world
  • We build our program on valid research and data, including
    • Early Childhood Education by Dr. Nancy Hertzog, Director of the Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington
    • National Association for Gifted Children
    • Washington Association of Educators of the Talented and Gifted (WAetag)
    • Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA)
    • National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
  • We cultivate interaction among gifted peers to stimulate learning opportunities
  • We have ten years of success to guide us


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