Our Preschool

"Our daughter spent 3 years at Bellevue Discovery and had an excellent experience – she loved being there every day:  everything she learned, the skills she developed and the friendships she made. And we loved the active community created around the school – we made lifelong friends ourselves, and were very happy with the attention and care that the teachers and staff provided in the school. It is a relatively small school. It is strongly driven by its mission – both in the inquiry and collaborative approach to early learning as well the needs of gifted kids – and so the ratio of 4 kids for every teacher was the most compelling reason for our choice of the school and we felt the benefits of that all along."  ~ Alumni Parent

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Bellevue Discovery offers:

  • An enriched preschool curriculum, using research-based methods for working with young gifted children
  • Young peers who seek similar intellectual challenges
  • Teachers who understand and cherish the creativity and independent thinking of high-ability children
  • Families with a diversity of backgrounds and a shared vision
  • A half-day preschool program that leaves time for family, activities with friends and independent play
  •  Access to information about gifted education, and a parent education program that supports community members who are raising and educating young gifted children

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Our Philosophy

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Our Classes

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Our Curriculum

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Our Teachers



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